Oil Changes

Oil Changes

Expect quality oil changes at Barton’s Auto Service.  Mr. Barton will treat your car as though it is his own.  Some quick lube stations have a reputation for only partially draining your old oil and over-tightening oil plugs.  This leads to needing an over-sized plug to compensate for hasty work down the road.

At Barton’s Auto Service, we wait patiently for the last drop of oil before we put fresh oil in your car.  Oil plugs are hand tightened.  Oil filters are pre-lubricated to ensure a proper seal and prevent the gasket from sticking for future servicing.  Also, the filter is tightened according to the manufacturers recommendations.

Do you have special oil and filter preferences?

If you have a popular brand of oil or filter, or if you catch a good sale on oil and want to benefit from reduced prices, then we encourage you to bring your own oil and filter with you.  We will gladly use the product that you provide for us.  We will not try to push a particular brand on you just to make a mark-up.  We treat our customers with fairness and honesty in our business practices, down to the last drop of oil.



Also, as stated in our section about Older Vehicles, if your car is still equipped with grease fittings, you can expect that we will grease  them as part of our regular oil change service.  You can also expect quality and care.  We wipe off every grease fitting before adding the necessary lubricant to ensure that harmful dirt and abrasives do not get pushed into the moving parts