About Us

About Us

Since 1967, Barton’s Auto Service has been a family-owned and operated automotive garage.  Located in Sedley, Virginia (See Our Location),  we are one of the last “small town garages” in the area.  As a small town garage, our biggest asset has always been our reputation.

We care about our customers, and have maintained relationships with many of the same local customers ever since we have been opened.
Barton’s Auto Service has operated out of our current location since 1976.  Our two-story brick garage has become a landmark fixture of Sedley’s business district.  Come and visit!

Quality and Care…

You can expect quality and care in the serving of your automobile at Barton’s Auto Service.  All repairs and maintenance tasks are performed by the owner himself, Walter Barton.  Mr. Barton uses the same care with his customers’ cars as he does his own.  You don’t have to worry about over-tightened bolts and left-over parts getting swept under the rug at the end of the job.  For most jobs, bolts are hand-tightened rather than risking the damage that can be caused by quick air wrenches used by “speedy” repair shops.  Having the same mechanic on the job from beginning to end ensures thorough work.  And if you are a regular customer, Mr. Barton’s familiarity and experience with the history of repairs of your vehicle prevents necessary maintenance.

Licensed State Inspector…

Barton’s Auto Service has been inspecting cars as a licensed Virginia State Inspection Station since 1977.  With years of experience, Mr. Barton has the art of inspecting a car down to a routine.  Learn more about our Virginia State Inspection Services on our VA State Inspection Page.

A Social Networking Hub Long Before Facebook…

Long before Facebook, there was the “Bench” at Barton’s Auto Service.  Not only is Barton’s Auto Service a trustworthy garage to have jpowneryour car serviced, for years it has also been a popular locals hangout.  As stated, we build long-term relationships with our customers.  So it is not unusual for clients to stop in just to say “hello.”  If you are in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by any time.



Family Owned and Operated

Owner: Walter Barton

Bookkeeper: Phyllis Barton